Aunt Arctic Tracker

If you have ever found Aunt Arctic, please do give us Aunt Arctic’s current location! To inform us, either tweet Mrzero3 on Twitter, or comment below with the live location! We will always give credit! 


Tracking Chatbox: 

Tips to locate Aunt Arctic:

1. Use the Tracking Chat above to have a better chance of locating Aunt Arctic, or Follow @TheCPVideoTeam or @Mrzero3cp on Twitter for the latest locations.

2. Aunt Arctic usually logs onto the crowded servers at the peak of the day. Morning-Early Evening. Aunt Arctic likes to visit all different servers, from busy to not busy. Although, she will often visit servers with 3-5 bars.

3. You can have a better chance of finding Aunt Arctic in these places. However, during certain Club Penguin parties that may take place at the time Aunt Arctic visits, the room list may vary:

  • Coffee Shop
  • At the Snow Forts
  • The Town
  • The Plaza
  • The Beach
  • The Pizza Parlour

Attempt to visit these rooms when locating Aunt Arctic. Remember, Aunt Arctic will not only visit these rooms, she will also visit others however these are the most common rooms she will visit.

4. As it says above, Aunt Arctic will travel from server to server. From what I know, I am pretty sure that she doesn’t mind what kind of servers she is on. However, I have met her on the listed servers below:

  • Abominable
  • Alaska
  • Zipline
  • Yukon
  • Bellyslide
  • Bobsled

Do note that Aunt Arctic will visit other servers to the ones listed above. Another aspect to acknowledge, is that Aunt Arctic will also visit and log onto foreign Club Penguin severs. If you are ever wanting to find her on a foreign server, we will always update our tracker even still.

5. Please note that Aunt Arctic will only log-on whilst Club Penguin support is open. If a room is quickly filling up, be sure to go and check to see if Aunt Arctic is there. Crowds will gather quickly, therefore effecting the buddy list system, and the actual interface of the game.

6. Aunt Arctic is always in crowded spaces. However, if it is just too crowded to see Aunt Arctic, be sure to open up your friends list, and search for Aunt Arctic. Be sure to add her, and collect her current background. Another way to know if you are in the same room as Aunt Arctic, is that a stamp will pop-up onto your screen, saying that you have met her. However, you will only be able to obtain the stamp ONCE… the first time you meet her.

7. Aunt Arctic will not stay on the same server for very long. In-fact, only 5-15 minutes per server. So be quick: add, and collect her free background.

8. Aunt Arctic is a green penguin, with a pink hat and glasses. Below is an image of Aunt Arctic’s current player-card:


9. Penguins on social networking sites, will always be lying, and making-up false locations. I suggest checking the location in which most people say Aunt Arctic is on.

10. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating and time consuming, locating Aunt Arctic. So, I highly suggest taking breaks, and never to give-up since I’m 99.9% sure you will find Aunt Arctic with this tracker eventually.

11. If not many penguins are on the chatbox above, I suggest advertising it and redirecting penguins to track with you.

24 thoughts on “Aunt Arctic Tracker

  1. where aunt artic i have been looking for her all day can you guys please help me find her. please reply.


  2. AA found! she was just on Blizzard. Sorry couldn’t comment sooner. just saying because, she usually only logs on the same server twice in one party :)


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