Igloo Ideas

On this page you will be able to find unique, creative and fun igloo designs that will ensure you to get lots and lots of likes. If you want to send in an igloo of your own, please do send us a picture of it, to one of our contacts.

Remember to keep checking for new Igloos:

1. A Library Igloo, with study rooms, a garden, etc.

2. An Ice Rink with a cozy area to relax and watch the action.

3. Haunted Village with a graveyard, pavements, and a pumpkin patch.

4. A Jail – and Police Station.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.38.40 PM5. McDonalds.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.41.31 PM

6. Hawaii – with houses, a river, etc.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 8.24.43 AM

7. Pizza Parlour or a Fancy Restaurant.

Amazing Pizza Parlor

8. Cinema

Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 8.56.52 AM


9. Fairground

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 8.28.37 AM

More igloo ideas will come every Friday and Saturday. Additionally, check out my ‘Igloo Ideas’ series on my YouTube channel for more sped-up ideas! Let me know what your favourite igloo was by commenting below. -Mrzero3

  1. Amazing igloos!!! I wish I had all these things for my igloo!! EVERYONE WHO IS LOOKING AT THESE PICS PLZ LIKE THEM OR SEND A NICE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!

  2. nice.. what about a beach.. lazer tage and a collage or univerity

  3. I like them if only you hade more

  4. I like them if only you hade more ideas

  5. Srry I mean had

  6. Thanks! I’ve just added some new ones. Why don’t you go and check them out? -Mrzero3

  7. What about a hollywood igloo or a V.I.P igloo for superstars to celerbrate the Hollywood Party

  8. New igloo ideas coming today!

  9. Add more ideas plz I have no fresh ideas anyone would like please help

  10. Vgrhrurhehf

  11. I have an idea! A wildlife habitat!

  12. What about a Whirlpool or Pokémon?

  13. Thank’s for the ideas.

  14. I need iggy ideas

  15. Make More!!!!!

  16. <3 love the Hawaii one!!!!!!!

  17. Thank you! More igloos will be coming throughout the days. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to produce as much igloos as usual, since I’ve been so busy. But, glad you enjoyed the ones I have there so far. -Mrzero3

  18. Oh i gotta use some of those! if your looking for a new idea i had an airplane. Love your website! :)

  19. More will be arriving… SORRY for the anticipated wait.

  20. mrzero i made a cool iggy

  21. what could you make with not rare stuff?

  22. There all cool. What about just a comfy home the igloo!

  23. Thanks. Alright…. I’ll do so! ~Mrzero3

  24. Can you make an idea to a Dance Club?

  25. Alright! Will do! :) Thanks for the idea! -Mrzero3

  26. i need one for 2013

  27. Great igloos still need more.Sorry we really don’t mean to rush you

  28. I’m sure every penguin on club penguin needs at least one of these igloos

  29. Yep, I know. I still need to add some more! Feel free to send me some ideas, by sending them to my email! :)

  30. Hey guys

  31. Please make a membership code section

  32. Can you?

  33. I’ll add some more later – sound good? Thanks.

  34. My penguin name is bad dagger 3 no caps

  35. My penguin name is bad dagger 3 PLESE FREIND ME!!!

  36. hey peepile:)

  37. Hey what up are there some new coin codes for 2014

  38. Woah!Nicely done!I like the Library idea a lot!!!

  39. What about more?This is terrific.How about a school,swimming complex,puffle adoption centre,puffle day care and beach?

  40. Thanks for your ideas!

  41. my ideas are dentist,hospital,spa,shopping mall,swimming pool,air a plane ,shops,ice cream parlour,thearte,furniture shop,bakery,gardening centure, post office,pookie day care,pookie adoupten centure

  42. Please pick one of mine I will give you a like every day if you do

  43. wow these codes are pretty good

  44. Awesome by the way if anyone is reading this comment I have a code for a bear costume it is BEARCUB if that doesn’t work try BEARCUBS

  45. You guys should try cp insiders they have lots of codes


  47. all of them are bad

  48. Thanks a lot. :)

  49. add a Box Portal iggy XD thats what i have XD


  51. i have a good one.TROPICAL ISLAND PIRATE HIDEOUT!!!! go to the server frosty and buddy pinkigirl1o1.

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