Club Penguin – The Best of 2013 – Mashup Remix – Club Penguin Music Video

2013 has been an absolutely fantastic year on the island of Club Penguin! Now that it has come to an end, Club Penguin have gone ahead and created a mashup remix using Club Penguin songs/ music pieces, and clips from 2013! Here’s what Club Penguin had to say about 2013:

“So many HUGE events in Club Penguin history happened in 2013! Some of the biggest new parties of all time, including the Star Wars Takeover, Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, Hollywood Party, Monsters University Takeover and Operation Puffle! TWO new weekly shows with #WaddleOn and The Spoiler Alert, TWO new puffles… the Gold Puffle and the legendary Rainbow Puffle… New rooms, and the debut of Club Penguin with CPNext on the iPad!

This was a HUGE year in Club Penguin, and we’re only just getting started! Wait ’til you see what we’ve got planned for 2014… Puffles, Card-Jitsu, New Parties…”

What are your thoughts on this video? Did you like 2013 on Club Penguin? If so, what was your most favourite event that happened in 2013? Let me know by commenting below this post.

Waddle on,



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