Club Penguin – Secret Lab *EXCLUSIVE*

Hey Penguins! Today Club Penguin has released a brand new video. The video was a commercial of the Halloween Party 2011. Whilst I was watching the new video, I noticed it showed a little sneak peek of Gary’s Secret Lab. If you would like to post this onto your website, please give credit to Mrzero3:

Gary’s Secret Lab has a square around it, to make it easier for you guys to see. I still had a question: What is going to be underneath it? The same as last year? The same as 2009? Here is a sneak peek:

Above: Gary’s Lab from 2 years ago. Will it still be the same as 2 years ago? Will it be completely different? Let us know what you thought of these exclusive images, by comment below. -Mrzero3


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About Mrzero3

Hey penguins! I'm Mrzero3, a professional Club Penguin blogger, YouTuber and amateur graphic designer. I've been playing Club Penguin since August 2009 and have been blogging about the game since 2010.

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