Club Penguin : Halloween Party Quest 3

Hello penguins! As you all are aware that Club Penguin’s Halloween party 2014 has taken over the island for now, and Club Penguin is asking us to solve mysterious quests everyday, so that we will be able to solve the nightmarish mystery of the puffle hotel! So, if you are eager to solve today’s task, follow my steps!

1) When you will log in to Club Penguin, make sure that you check the green puffle to know about today’s tasks!


Let’s start off with today’s first quest, click on ”Go There’ to begin!


When you will click ”go there”, it will drop you down in a room full of pumpkins! Now, you must be thinking ”how to solve this chuckle some but creepy quest?”  But, this quest is quite easy, all you have to do is to click those pumpkins and they will be squashed, there is no order to squash them, just keep clicking them and squash all of them!


Your first quest for today has been completed successfully! Now, let’s move to the second quest!

Click the green puffle and you will also be able to opt two things, the first thing is the witch hat! The witch hat is available for both members and non-members, but the second item is the ‘Ghost puffle costume’, and sadly, it is only available for the members!


Now, you can click ‘Go There’ to start the second quest!


In this quest, you will be dropped down in a maze and you have to make your way all over to that big red button!

Just follow the arrows and you will be able to accomplish this too!

Yipee! You have completed all the tasks for today! Come back tomorrow and solve more!

Waddle on!

Club Penguin-Happy 9th Anniversary

Hello Penguins!

Penguin 43 Here!

Today was Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary! Yes, that’s right. 9 whole years of Club Penguin!

The Club Penguin Team have made today EXTRA special!

Here’s EVERYTHING that happened to Celebrate Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary:

1) Check Out this Video that Megg and Ninja made to Celebrate Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary. It features Club Penguin Fan Art that players had the chance to submit for the video last month. I submitted a piece of Club Penguin Fan Art for the video and it was Featured in the Video!

Here is my drawing, keep an eye out for it.

Penguin 43 Drawing (Original)

And here’s Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Video.

What do you think of the Video? And what did you think of the Club Penguin Fan Art in it? Did you spot my Fan Art? Did you submit some Club Penguin Fan Art for the Video? Was it Featured? Let us know in the comments below. If your Club Penguin Fan Art was not featured in the video, don’t worry. You submitted it and took part.

2) At 2:00pm Penguin Standard Time, Club Penguin hosted a Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party Meetup on Club Penguin. This wasn’t just any old Meetup. Both Current and Former members of the Club Penguin Team attended. Of course Polo Field, Megg, Ninja and Spike Hike were there. There were also less well know members of the Club Penguin Team that attended. But there were some extra special guests.

They were:

  • Rsnail
  • Businesmoose
  • Happy77
  • Billybob

Isn’t it great how the Special Guests gave up some of their time to return to Club Penguin to celebrate Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary? I’m sure you will join me in saying a BIG THANK YOU to Rsnail, Businesmoose, Happy77 and Billybob for attending Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Party Meetup.

Here were the details:

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party Invitation

Did you attend Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Party Meetup on Club Penguin? If so, what did you think of it? If not, why not? Let Us know in the comments below.

If you didn’t attend Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Party Meetup, don’t worry. I was there and took Screenshot of some of the Highlights.

Do you like my Outfit for the Occasion?

Penguin 43 Profile Picture-Club Penguin 9th Anniversary

Here are some of the Highlights from Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Party Meetup:

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party-Screenshot 1

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party-Screenshot 3

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party-Screenshot 6

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party-Screenshot 7

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party-Screenshot 8

As you can tell from the Screenshots, it was an action filled Party. Did you spot yourself in any of the Screenshots? And which members of the Club Penguin Team did you spot in the Screenshots? Let us know in the comments below.

3) Right when the Club Penguin Team started logging off and we thought the Party was over, Polo Field came back! He told all of us that we were on a LIVE Stream to the Club Penguin Party in the Office!

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party-Live Stream

Cool Eh?

4) On Twitter, you could type a nice message for Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary for them to see if you included the hashtag #HappyBirthdayCP. If you were lucky, they may have even favourited your tweet. Did you Tweet a nice message for Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary? Did you get any Favourites from Club Penguin? Let us know in the comments below.

So, that was EVERYTHING that happened today for Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary. As you can tell, it was a very Fun Day.

Here’s to the Next year of Club Penguin…

Here was me at the end of the Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Day.

After 9th Anniversary Party

Until Next Time…

Waddle On Penguins!

~Penguin 43

(Club Penguin Reveals Author) 

Club Penguin Glitch: Wrong Location


Recently, I went on Club Penguin to look at the Rainbow Forest (Where you adopt Rainbow Puffles) to see if it was decorated. So I clicked the “Go to Rooftop Button”,



and look where I ended up:


Haha, I find this glitch amusing because instead of going to the Rooftop, the highest point in a building, it takes you to the basement, the lowest part!



Club Penguin: Attack On Penguin?

I know this was likely not done on purpose, but I feel the need to take note on the fact that an item coming to Club Penguin strongly resembles a character from my favorite show, Attack On Titan, take a look:





Again, no connection; just felt it was worth mentioning :P



Club Penguin: Ghost Puffle with Player SPOTTED

As most of you are aware, the Ghost Puffles will be able to be adopted soon; or so we thought?

Take a look:

Neither do we, random penguin :p

Neither do we, random penguin :p

His playercard

His playercard

I’m not sure how this penguin adopted it, but one thing’s for sure; that’s one cool puffle, I can’t wait till I get my flippers on it!


Desktop’s Discussion: What happened to Sasquatch?

As many of you are aware, a few months ago a mysterious mascot roamed around Club Penguin, known as the Sasquatch (Although, his username was “??????”).He was seen for approximately a week and a half, but never returned. It boggles my mind, that not only has he not returned, but he isn’t even mentioned in the Yearbook; take a look:


I’m dressed for Halloween as Freddy Fazbear from Five Night’s at Freddy’s :P

No Sasquatch here!

No Sasquatch here!

Even JetPackGuy, who isn't an official mascot is here!

Even JetPackGuy, who isn’t an official mascot is here!

So the question is, what happened to him? Do you think he will make a return, or did Club Penguin change their mind about him? Let me know in the Comments!

~Desktop desktop avatar

Club Penguin Reveals Halloween Party Details

We’re having a MASSIVE Halloween Extravaganza… and we want you to attend! BE SURE to come dressed up in your best Halloween outfits. We’ll be picking three penguins (who we feel have the best costumes) and feature them on the blog! Here are the details:



The details are as follows:

  • Date: 1st of November 2014
  • Time: 10:00AM PST
  • Server: Sasquatch
  • Room: Plaza



Hope to see you all there. All Club Penguin Reveals staff members, including Mrzero3, will be present! There will be a giveaway (most probably a 1 month membership code) and more.

Waddle on,


Club Penguin – Halloween Party Quest Day #2

It’s 24th, which means the penguins are able to complete day #2 of the Halloween Quest. To get started, simply head to the Club Penguin Dining Room. The Dining Room is located inside of the Puffle Hotel and can be accessed by use of the elevator:



You’ll see 3 plates. You have to make them reflect light on the sleeping puffle by clicking on the plates and by changing their orientation. It should look somewhat like this:


Now, collect the piece of the ghost finder (it’s a coin bag in the picture because I’ve completed the quest already) and head to the 7th floor (ballroom).


This is simple. Follow the arrows at the top of the room. It tells me to go through the purple tunnel, followed by the green one, followed by the red one and finally – through the blue one.


You’ll come to the same room. Now, go to the green pathway.


Now go through the red pathway.


Lastly, go through the blue pathway!


You have completed day #2 of the quest, well done! Now collect the piece of the ghost finder (it’s a coin bag in the picture because I’ve already completed the quest) and you’re set for today. Come back tomorrow for day #3’s guide.

Spook on!



Club Penguin – Iceberg Can be Tipped + How to Tip it

If you visit the sixth floor in the Club Penguin Puffle Hotel (only for the duration of this year’s Halloween Party) you’ll notice a large picture of the Ice Berg tipped on the right-hand side wall. This picture shows us where the berg’s weakspot is and shows us that it is indeed possible to tip it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 8.23.23 AM


Interesting. I’m definitely going to attempt to tip the Ice Berg soon, aren’t you? Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Waddle on,


Club Penguin – EPF Message from Gary (21-10-14)

Gary the Gadget Guy has sent out a new message to all EPF agents’ spy phone devices. Gary’s message regards suspicious activity at the Puffle Hotel and how our agent skills are needed to get to the bottom of this peculiar business. Here’s Gary’s message:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.15.51 PM

Gary’s message reads:

There’s something suspicious going on at the Puffle Hotel. Agents, your skills are needed to get to the bottom of this.

Interesting. What do you think?

Waddle on,



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