Club Penguin : How to sit in the extreme corners!

Greetings penguins! Today I am posting about a very old trick of Club Penguin, well many of the penguins already know it but for those who are completely unaware, here it is to show you ‘How to sit in extreme corners’ and ‘How to sit in front of the doors of different rooms’

This is a pretty easy trick, all you have to do is:

1) Click on the place where you want to sit ( For example : On the stairs of the cove)

2) Just after you have clicked it, instantly click on your mailbox.


Any of the postcards that you have got will show up:


Now after waiting for 4 to 5 seconds, close the mailbox and Ta-da!


Now, same applies for the rooms, for instance you want to sit on the door of ‘The Puffle Hotel’ all of you have to do is Click there and open your mailbox!


I hope I helped you all, so tell me in the comments what do you think about this pretty flawless machination!

Waddle on! :-)


Club Penguin – Flip Your Penguin Glitch

A new glitch has been discovered by my friend Zezocool. This new glitch allows your penguin to become completely flipped. This glitch is incredibly easy to use, and does not get you banned at all. Here’s how to flip your penguin:

  1. Go to your igloo and walk a puffle
  2. Visit the Club Penguin Puffle Park
  3. With your puffle, waddle up to the Puffle Swing:
The Puffle Swing in the Puffle Park of Club Penguin

The Puffle Swing in the Puffle Park of Club Penguin

As you come out of the swing with your puffle, your penguin should be completely flipped! The strange thing is, is that your puffle won’t flip at all… just your penguin!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 2.03.13 PM

This glitch is pretty hilarious if you ask me. Enjoy it before Club Penguin patch it, haha. Let me know what you think, by commenting below this post.

Waddle on,



Blog Post – Video: Building Schools For Kids in Need

Hey Penguins,

A new blog post has been released and this time it’s about building schools. There is also a video along with this post which will be posted below along with the full post.

This month, we’re partnering with Free The Children to help kids in need. Club Penguin will give $25,000 in grants for kids’ fundraising to build schools in Ecuador, Haiti and India through our Matching Gift Program.

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

All in all I am happy to see Club Penguin doing what they do best, helping people.

So what do YOU think will Club Penguin reach there goal? And are you going to donate?

Ninjaoninja2, Club penguin Reveals Author.

Serena16689 – Penguin of the Week


It’s Friday, and that doesn’t only mean we can shout the phrase ‘Thank goodness it’s Friday’, but it also means that a new Penguin of the Week has been posted on the Club Penguin blog, by Daffodaily5 – Club Penguin’s British moderator!


Serena16689 has been a super active player for a couple of years now. She’s sooo busy when she’s online, she’s rarely seen just sitting around doing nothing. If she’s not in the Pet Shop adopting a new puffle, she’s playing games with her pals, helping new players around the island or checking out the latest Penguin Style catalogue in the Clothes Shop. She’s a dedicated fan, a great buddy and a super stylish penguin about town! That’s why she’s the Penguin of the Week! :)

10,000 coins and the POTW background goes to Serena16689! Does your buddy deserve to be Penguin of the Week? Leave me a comment and tell me why! :)


-Club Penguin Team

Congratulations, Serena16689! It must be great to become the ‘Penguin of the Week’, and I wouldn’t mind earning 10,000 coins and a background, either! I’m sure I’ll see you around the island.

Waddle on,


Megg – new employee at Club Penguin


You may have heard the name ‘Megg’ being mentioned before, and you may well have seen her wandering around the Club Penguin island! Well, she has been an intern (an intern is one who wishes to gain experience at a workplace) at the Club Penguin office in Kelowana, Canada for a while and she was able to make use of moderator capabilities.


Oh, and here’s the confirmation, in a tweet from the Club Penguin moderator, Polo Field.

Megg is now an employee!

However, things have changed – and Megg has now become a full employee at the Club Penguin office! I’d like congratulate Megg for the efforts she has made so far to reach this goal, and wish Megg a great time in the office – I’m sure she’ll love it, it’s no ordinary office, that’s for sure!

Waddle on,


I’ve returned – and I’m working hard to edit CPR!


It’s me, Coollegoguy4, and I’ve just returned from my Summer holiday in Greece! I’ve had a brilliant time, but now it’s time for me to return to Club Penguin Reveals! I’d also like to say, to all the authors who have joined in the time I was away, hello and welcome to the CPR team!

In other words, I’ll be editing and also creating some pages across the Club Penguin Reveals website, and I’ll be sure to include pictures to guide you too!

Waddle on,


Club Penguin : Breaking our old memories?

Greetings one and all, how is everything going? I have perceived  from many penguins on the island that they are really like the brand new party ‘School and Skate’ and I also think it is flawless, but the pensive thing is here, I have over heard this rumor that the ‘Puffle berry Mall’ has overtook the stage and the stage has been demolished.

I really don’t know if the rumor is accurate, but if it is, It isn’t a good one. According to my way of seeing it is that our community is changing and new penguins are coming day by day and they would be very happy if the stage has been replaced by the mall because they don’t have any reminiscence with it.

The penguins who have been playing Club Penguin from really early, they have so many memories with the stage that has always been in the plaza since 2007. If it demolished, we will always miss it from the core of our heart.


Waddle On!


Club Penguin Reveals: News Flash

I’m sure you have all been wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, well there’s a good reason! I’ve been working on the super secret C.P.R. project, which should be coming in the next 1 – 3 weeks. Sorry, no spoilers here you’ll just going to have to wait :P, but I promise you this, it will be worth the wait! Also, great news! We’ve surpassed 10,000 subscribers via e-mail! Thank you everyone, the team greatly appreciates it.


P.S. I’ve recently made a twitter account, due to heavy request. Be sure to check it out @DesktopCP

~Desktop (Proud C.P.R. Staff)

Club Penguin – Skate & School Bash – Top 5 Things To Do!

After an incredibly long and anticipated await, the Club Penguin Skate & School Bash has arrived to the island. Honestly, this party is great and allows penguins to do a lot of exciting activities, etc. This post will include a list of the top 5 things (from my own point of view) to do during this party. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Check out the renovated Pizza Parlour!

Check out the renovated Pizza Parlour!

Go and check out the renovated Pizza Parlour during the party. It’s great! It’s been turned in to a modern-looking snack bar for the duration of this party. With Fish Dogs, Frozen Slushies, Pizza, Snacks and more – this room is a great place to go with your buddies.


Check out the Forest!

Check out the Forest!

Be sure to check out the Forest. It’s a great place to come and chill after a long day at school. With great lemonade, benches, and a peaceful fountain – where would be a better place to study with friends?! In addition, bring your board a long as there are some sick rails and benches in which you’re able to grind and slide on.


Check out the Puffle Berry Mall!

Check out the Puffle Berry Mall!

The Puffle Berry Mall is amazing. It’s got two levels of high-end shopping stores, as well as some of the best restaurants in town. This place is a great place to go with friends to buy school supplies, clothes, antiques, etc! In addition, the escalators sure are cool, so be sure to take a ride on them!


Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.12.56 PM

Check out CPU’s Gym!

Head into the Club Penguin University, and take the first door to end up in this awesome room. This gym is not only new, but it’s brilliant! There are sets of bleachers to watch that varsity basketball gam you’ve been waiting for, there’s other sporting equipment, and more! Be sure to check this room out as it’s awesome, hidden and new!


Check out the NEW Skate Park!

Check out the NEW Skate Park!

Finally, check out the AWESOME addition to the island – the Skate Park. Show off your skate moves on the half pipe, the rails, the stairs, the spine and more! There’s great music playing there too, so I highly recommend you go with your friends during free periods.. ;)

Well that’s it for this post. :) Be sure to enjoy this month’s party – as I know I will. Let me know what you think, by commenting below this post.

Waddle on,


Club Penguin Lemon Pin – September 18th 2014

Along with all of the other updates in which have occurred this week, a brand new pin can be found and obtained. As the ‘Back To School Bash’ started today, the new pin is called the ‘Lemon Pin’ after the Lemonade Stand located in the Forest for the duration of this ongoing party. Here’s how to get the Lemon pin:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Pick any random server to play on (ex: Sleet)
  3. Visit the Ski Hill
  4. Waddle up to the Lemon Pin and accept ‘yes’ to the messages that pop-up

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.45.07 PM

It looks greats doesn’t it? Be sure to check out the new party, as it’s awesome! What do you think?

Waddle on,



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