Club Penguin Reveals Autism Awareness Event 2015


Hello everyone! Last year Club Penguin Reveals hosted one of the biggest fan-based parties of the year whilst raising autism awareness amongst the Club Penguin community. Click ‘here‘ to see last year’s party! Since last year’s Autism Awareness Event was so successful, we’ve decided to bring it back again this year. Although last year it was hosted in August, we’ve decided to host it in April, as April is the worldwide autism month. Before I go into more detail, you may be wondering… what exactly is autism? Well, Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills. People who suffer from autism usually struggle/ find difficulty in forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.


In addition, Club Penguin Reveals staff members- BuddyJosh10 and Ninjaoninja2 both suffer from autism. They’d like to get their message out there and tell people that having autism shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love or having fun. Most of you probably don’t know- but there are a ton of penguins who do suffer from autism in the Club Penguin community who are somewhat ashamed to tell anyone… with this awareness event, we aim to tell people that having autism shouldn’t make you any different to someone who doesn’t- and that you shouldn’t be ashamed about it. In that case, we would like to continue to raise autism awareness since many people around the world, and more specifically in the Club Penguin community, suffer from autism. With millions of people suffering from autism, we’d like to come together on the 25th of April 2015 to show our support and gratitude to those who do suffer from autism. Let’s make a difference and make this year’s Club Penguin Reveals Autism Awareness Event bigger than last year’s!



~Click ‘here‘ if you’re coming!~ 

Hosts: Mrzero3 and the Club Penguin Reveals team

Date: Saturday, 25th of April 2015

Time: 10:00AM PST

-England Time: 6:00PM

-Indian Time: 10:00PM

-East Coast American Time: 1:00PM

-West Coast American Time: 10:00AM

-Australian Time: April 26th- 3:00AM (Sydney)

-Australian Time: April 26th- 1:00AM (Perth)

(if you need timezone help, please comment below with your country)

Server: Iceland

Main Room: Dock (other rooms if full: Beach, Town, Snow Forts, Ski Village)

Remember… anybody can come! So long as you are ready to raise awareness, of course. Obviously, our aim is to top last year’s popularity, so please come! It’s for a good cause as we’d like to make a difference in the Club Penguin Community this year too. Last year Club Penguin Staff members such as Polo Field, Megg and others attended- so we’d like them to come this year as well! 

SPREAD THE WORD! #CPRevealsAutismAwarenessEvent

See you at the party,


Club Penguin Reveals Available On iOS!

Hey Guys!,

I have some amazing news! Club Penguin Reveals is now OFFICIALLY on iOS!


Go and grab the app today!

Waddle On!


Club Penguin: Puffle Party 2015 Cheats & Full Walkthrough

Hi there, penguins! Finally, the anticipated wait of the Puffle Party 2015 is now over — which means that the Puffle Party 2015 has arrived to Club Penguin!  Here, at Club Penguin Reveals, we have the perfect Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 Cheats Guide for y’all.

Club Penguin: Puffle Party 2015 Cheats

Party Walkthrough

To begin, just log in to Club Penguin. There’s a new loading screen released specially for this party…


…and this time the loading screen isn’t like the other blue party screens. It looks a lot more cool and attractive.

When you are logged in, PH will talk to you…


Crikey! The Puffle Lodge party was crashed! The fish cake is gone and there’s a big hole in the wall!


Hmm. There are wild o’ berries all over. Can you help me find the giant puffle that did all this? Take this backpack in case we need to explore.

…Now, press ‘OK’ and click on the backpack which PH gave you. When you do so, you will get a small message from PH…


This is an expedition backpack where you can hold one piece of food.

…Now go to the first room of wilderness, by going through this path…


…Now follow the footprints and go to the second room of wilderness…


…When you’re there, PH will immediately notice a puffle in those bushes…


Crikey! I saw a puffle in those bushes. Let’s find some food to bring ‘em out.

…Now follow the footprints going to the right side…


…Now when you go there, click on one of the green puffle o’s and put them in your backpack…



…Now go back to the previous room…


…When you go there, click on the table. The food in your backpack will automatically be kept there…


AWESOME! You’ve now found the raccoon puffles which’re adoptable by members. Now click on the puffle there and you will get a choice to adopt them if you’re a member. There will be 4 color choices, you can adopt one or more puffles of different colors. (Note that all the wild puffles don’t have color options. The ones which have are: Deer Puffles, Rabbit Puffles and Raccoon Puffles.)

Repeat the same, and each of the four special o’ berries a wild puffle will come out. But not all food items make puffles come out — some food items summon mascots! Here are the food items and the mascot/puffle they summon respectively.


  • Green O’ Berries — Raccoon Puffles
  • Square-shaped O’ Berries — Unicorn Puffles
  • Triangular-shaped O’ Berries — Deer Puffles
  • White O’ Berries — Rabbit Puffles


  • Burger — Rookie
  • Stinky Cheese — Rockhopper
  • Coffee — Gariwald
  • Fish — Psh! Read this post ahead to know!

Now when you found all the 4 wild puffles, PH will tell you to find out what does fish summon. So, go back to the Puffle Lodge…



…and click on the fishing rod to put it in your backpack.



Now go to the ski village and then go through the path and click on the fishing pond to collect a fish…



…and put it under that tree stump…



…and BOOM! The Sasquatch is here!!







Your expedition is over, PH will speak to you for one last time.





You solved the mystery! It wasn’t a puffle that made that hole, it was the sasquatch all along. Only a true Puffle Guide could have made it this far.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the expedition, bravo!


There are new emotes for this party, like always.




This party was an utterly SUPERDUPER HIT! I rate it 10/10.

Club Penguin: Weird UFO Sounds in Box Dimension

Yesterday, a couple people noticed weird UFO sounds in the Box Dimension- so I went ahead and decided to check them out… and sure enough weird UFO sounds were playing! Although the sounds were quite faint, you could definitely here them clearly. The sounds sounded quite spooky and added an ‘eery’ feeling to the Box Dimension.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.34.29 AM

If you compare the current Box Dimension music (with the UFO sounds) with the old Box Dimension music, you can definitely hear a difference. Click ‘here‘ to listen to the old Box Dimension music.

To add to this, there are weird pictures of UFO’s in Club Penguin’s Attic. Check out this picture of the Ice Berg!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.40.09 AM

Oh, and check out this picture of what looks like the same UFO, but on its own!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.41.16 AM


Strange! I definitely love a bit of mystery on Club Penguin- so I’m actually really glad Club Penguin are making us ‘think’. Let me know what you think these UFO’s are connected to by commenting below this post.

Waddle on,


Win a FREE 3 Month Membership Code!

Have you ever wanted to win a Club Penguin Membership? Well, now’s your chance! Wait… we’re not just going to be giving away a normal membership… but a 3 month membership code to Club Penguin! Our friend, Puffle6421 recently donated it to us to give players in the community a chance to be a member. Basically, we’re going to be raffling this membership code, right here on Club Penguin Reveals. At the end of the raffle, ONLY one lucky winner will end up with the code.


How to Enter:

  • -You must have a Twitter account (if you don’t, simply make one at
  • -You must:
  1. Follow @Puffle6421 on Twitter *important*
  2. Follow @CPReveals on Twitter *important*
  • -Give us your Twitter username! *important*

Now, CLICK HERE to let people know that you’re entered to win the membership code! 

The raffle will close on the 4th of April, 2015 at 9:30AM PST + the winner will be announced shortly after this time

Good luck! Once all of the above has been complete, you’ve been entered to win the membership code! Once again, a HUGE thank you to Puffle6421 for the code… you’re awesome!


PH Portuguese Meetup Times! Puffle Party 2015

G’day Penguins,

The Puffle Party 2015 has officially been launched, leaving us to explore the updated world of Club Penguin!

Our main mascot for the party, PH, has been roaming around the island since  the opening day of March 26th 2015, click HERE for our previous post regarding global meetup times!

But we have found more! Thats right, Club Penguin Reveals have found even more meetup times to match your benefits.

We have found some of the Portugese  timings so there will be a wider range of meetups for you guys!

Please note that the following meetup timings are on Portugese servers and are PST timezones

Friday, March 27th:

12PM, Friaca

Tuesday, March 31st:

7AM, Avalanche

Thursday, April 2nd:

2PM, Cristal de Gelo


Until then, 

Waddle on


Club Penguin Is Having a Frozen Fever Party Next Month

You read the title correctly… Club Penguin IS having a Frozen Fever Party next month. Next month’s Frozen Fever Party was hinted to us when Polo Field hosted a Q&A on the Club Penguin Blog, earlier last week, when he replied to a penguin’s comment (asking about April’s party) saying: “I’ve got a fever ;)“. If you’re an avid Club Penguin Reveals reader- you probably read Joncena111’s post theorising this party, which was published last week. If you want to read Joncena111’s post, please click ‘here‘.


You’re probably asking yourself… “Well, how do you guys know this is confirmed?”… aren’t you? Well, Club Penguin have updated something in their online files which confirms this event. Based on the file, we’re currently unsure as to whether this party will take place as April’s main party, or as a simple mini party (hope so).

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.11.02 PM

Personally, I quite dislike Frozen- but since Club Penguin is targeted towards younger children (who seem to like Frozen), I’m sure this party will go down as a success. Oh well….

Have a great day!


Club Penguin: Puffle Wild Added to the Map

Hello everyone!

With the arrival of the Puffle Party 2015, a new addition to the Club Penguin Map has been made…. the Puffle Wild room!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.37.30 PM

Pretty exciting stuff! If you didn’t that this room would be permanent, hopefully this post will change your mind…. because it’s staying permanently!

Have a great day,


Club Penguin: Puffle Party 2015 Cheats (VIDEO)

Hello everyone!

After an incredibly long and anticipated await, the Puffle Party 2015 has started. During this year’s event- penguins are able to visit the Puffle Wild (the latest addition to the island), help Sasquatch, collect new wild puffles, go on a quest, interact with mascots such as PH and the Sasquatch, explore the wild and much more! Without further ado, below is a videoed guide which is aimed to help YOU complete the quests at the Puffle Party:

I’d give this year’s Puffle Party an 8/10. What about you? The rooms are great and the Puffle Wild addition to the island is incredible. I also love the new puffles and the fact that we’re finally able to interact with mascots such as Sasquatch and PH. Please do note that the written guide will be up soon! Nonetheless, I’m sorry for the delay, but in the meantime I hope this videoed guide helped you to complete the quests at this year’s Puffle Party.

Have a great day,



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