Club Penguin – EXCLUSIVE Interview with Polo Field

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I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Polo Field about Club Penguin, in general today! I was able to ask Polo Field unanswered questions about his job, Club Penguin, etc. In today’s discussion I am going to be featuring the entire interview I did with Polo Field. For those of you who are wondering how exactly I interviewed Polo Field, I used the Twitter ‘direct messaging’ system with him, earlier today. Although I only asked him around 15 questions, you’ll find that he gives away and hints a lot of upcoming events, secrets and parties.

Without further ado, here’s the interview:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.50.35 PM


Question #1:

Mrzero3: What is your favourite aspect of Club Penguin?

Polo Field: “Chatting with friends. I love having conversations with friends, and I’d be happy to just sit in a CP room and talk with people. It’s also super cool when you have a big group of people participating in the same activity. The community aspect. :)

Question #2:

Mrzero3: Feature of Old Club Penguin (before 2011) that you miss the most? (a feature that’s not in new Club Penguin).

Polo Field: “Interesting question! I do kind of miss the PSA missions. Except you could only play them once. Then you just wanted a new mission.”

Question #3:

Mrzero3: A permanent room you’d like to see come to Club Penguin? Ex: an Airport, a Waterpark, etc?

Polo Field: “A Record Shop! :P (I love music)”

Question #4: 

Mrzero3: You talked about a Card Jitsu reboot, the other day… can you explain? What’s going to be ‘rebooted’?

Polo Field: “Basically think of it as a “remastered” version of Card-Jitsu with brand-new graphics. Same great game, but more of a modern look!”

Question #5:

Mrzero3: A feature you’re most excited about releasing to Club Penguin for the Frozen Takeover, this August?

Polo Field: “Yes, the Frozen Party is coming in August! The best part is that it will be the first CP party on iOS. Plus, there’s some amazing interactivity in the rooms. Can’t wait to see everyone experiencing it for the first time. It’s truly cool.”

Question #6:

Mrzero3: September 2014 party hint?

Polo Field: “The event in September is about building safe places for less-fortunate kids in the world. Giving back. :)”

Question #7:

Mrzero3: You read my discussion post on the Mysterious Mountain Cave… What’s going to happen with the cave? What will it unveil? Hints?

Polo Field: “We want to add more unsolved mysteries back into CP. By answering this question, I’d just be solving the mystery. ;)”

Question #8: 

Mrzero3: Will Herbert be returning before the end of 2014?

Polo Field: “See answer to question #7. ;)”

Question #9:

Mrzero3: Can the Ice Berg be tipped? Yes or no answer?

Polo Field: “Yes!”

Question #10:

Mrzero3: You said the Ice Berg can be tipped… How?!

Polo Field: “See answer to question #7. ;)”

Question #11:

Mrzero3: The next mascot to appear on the island?

Polo Field: “Hmm.. I think that might be a surprise appearance.” 

Question #12:

Mrzero3: Best thing that’s coming to Club Penguin this year? (before the end of 2014)

Polo Field: “Well, we don’t know everything that’s coming yet… But I’m really excited about the new iOS apps (Puffle Wild and Sled Racer)… and… a really special video we’re working on for the holidays.”

Question #12 (PART 2):

Mrzero3: And when will those two apps be released?

Polo Field: “No comment.”

Question #13:

Mrzero3: Are there any new puffles coming before the end of 2014? If so, any hints?

Polo Field: “Yes there are. They’ll be more like the puffles that appeared in January 2014.”

Question #14: 

Mrzero3: This…. can you explain?

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.24.30 PM

Polo Field: “The best stories are imperfect and incomplete. It leaves you wanting more.”

Question #15: FINAL QUESTION:

Mrzero3: Your overall thoughts on Club Penguin Reveals? (this website)

Polo Field: “I think you’ve done a great job on the site. The content is the main thing. Making original content that’s helpful or funny is key!”

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.40.14 PM


Thank you to Polo Field for allowing me to do this! I really appreciate it. This interview is here for all bloggers to use… I would just please ask that you GIVE FULL CREDIT to Mrzero3, Polo Field and CP Reveals if you choose to post this interview on your blog.

Now we know A LOT more… the Ice Berg can be tipped, new puffles are coming, a mascot will be making a secret appearance this year, more animal puffles will be coming, two new iOS apps will be released, what the September 2014 party will be, etc…

Please comment below with your thoughts, comments and opinions!

Waddle on,




Club Penguin Updates Tonight- July 30, 2014

Hey penguins! Around 7PM PST on Wednesday nights, Club Penguin updates. This week contains three updates; I’ve listed them below:

  • Turbo Race 3000
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 458
  • New EPF Message

What are your thoughts on these updates? I’m curious how the Turbo Race will be like. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below this post!


Club Penguin – Frozen Party Homepage Screen: Get A Free Ice Palace Igloo

Recently Club Penguin updated their website with a new advertisement for the upcoming Frozen Party! Below you can see a picture of the homepage screen. For those of you who are wondering, the Frozen Party 2014 is set to commence on August 21st 2014 – so in about 3 weeks time. You can check it for yourself by clicking here.

In the homepage screen you can see a snowman puffle similar to the character Olaf, portrayed in Disney’s Frozen. In addition you can see Elsa and Anna (also characters from Frozen) in penguin form. Finally, behind them the Ice Palace seen in the movie, is featured. Overall this party seems like it will be quite enjoyable.

Do you like the idea of a Frozen Party? If so, are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments below.

You Decide: Halloween Costumes

Hello Penguins,
Today Club Penguin has released a you decide for the Halloween Party of 2014. You can decide which costume will return during the Halloween Party of 2014 by heading on over to the Club Penguin blog (Click here to go there!) you can vote from the options in the picture below:

In case you can’t see the options you can choose from: The Clown Costume, The Pirate Costume, or the Dragon Costume!

I personally would pick the Pirate Costume! What would you pick? Leave your comments below!

Club Penguin: MP3000 Bling Edition Glitch?

Hey penguins! Today, while I was wearing the MP3000 Bling Edition, I changed my color into black and I realized the earbuds were missing. Please note that the earbuds were ONLY missing when I changed my penguin from Light Blue to Black. Here is a GIF I made to show you this weird glitch.



If you want to post this on your website/blog, please give credit to Superpen2345. What are your thoughts on this glitch? It’s unlikely that Club Penguin will fix this glitch anytime soon.


Club Penguin – Chatta’s Ski Slope Challenge

Today, Chattabox has presented us with a “Ski Slope” challenge:

G’Day Penguins!

Last weeks DJ Chatta party was jammin’!!! There were some awesome mixes played by all of you and we had a good ol’ dance… on the tables… as you do! Don’t tell the captain!


This week I’m feeling competitive – so I’m going to be holding Chatta’s ‘Ski-Slope’ Olympics! Come along dressed in your most outrageous ski outfits (think bright colours and funny hats) and meet me at the top of the ski hill for lots of racing and cheering! Don’t forget to find some time to practice beforehand… I’m getting pretty good at this whole ski-racing business.

Let’s meet at the top of the Ski Slope on the Down Under server on Thursday 31st July. Here are the times:
* 4pm East Australian Standard Time

* 6pm New Zealand Standard Time

* 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 30th July for everyone over in the US and Canada

* 7am on Thursday 31st July for my pals in the UK.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Are you going to compete? Sounds like it’ll be crazy – We’re supposed to dress up in wild outfits!

Keep waddling!
-Ppppookie, Editor

Club Penguin: Discussion: Mystery Mountain Cave

Ever since the Club Penguin Ski Hill updated on January 23rd 2014, a ‘Mystery Mountain Cave’ has been visible. For those who are unaware, the Mystery Mountain Cave can be seen on one of the main mountain’s face. If you’re on the Ski Hill, look to your penguin’s left and you should be able to see a mysterious mountain cave allocated on the face of the mountain.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.41.22 AM

In today’s discussion I’m going to be analysing various penguins’ theories, going through some of the cave’s previous history, some key details/ sightings and then – my thoughts. Before we get started, some of you may be familiar with Aunt Arctic’s editorial piece about this ‘Mystery Mountain Cave’. This editorial was featured in a Club Penguin Times Issue, two weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.33.20 AM

Aunt Arctic’s editorial reads:

“Have you noticed the cave visible from the Ski Hill? Rumours have been flying about this place. Some reporters claim that it glows at night. Others say that it’s home of the Sasquatch. If any intrepid myth-hunters spot something, make sure you write in to the paper!”

Pretty, strange, huh?! According to Aunt Arctic, it seems as if she thinks that it’s home of the Sasquatch (a creature, somewhat similar in appearance to Big Foot). She did note that some penguins claim it glows at night – but I somewhat doubt this since night is not yet a permanent feature on Club Penguin.

I know for a fact that multiple other Club Penguin bloggers have blogged about such, including Yoda Ads and Riyita. Yoda Ads’ answer varied with suggestions, but he mentioned the inclusion of Herbert, the EPF and Card Jitsu elements. Riyita had a similar theory, but mainly focused on Herbert and how he could be hiding up there. I honestly do not know what to believe… yet.


The last time we saw Herbert… and the last time he was actually up to something was back in November 2013 during Operation: Puffle. However, Herbert was beaten by the Elite Penguin Force once again, and was this time carried away by hundreds of puffles. That was the last time Herbert was seen on the Club Penguin island.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.15.46 AM

Shortly after Operation: Puffle, Herbert updated his webpage ‘Club Hebert’. He uploaded a picture of Klutzy in the wilderness, holding up a map (as if he was lost and didn’t know where to go, next). You can read about this update by clicking ‘here‘.


As you can see, (in the picture above) Klutzy is in the wilderness, surrounded by various mountains – ones that look a lot like the one with the Mysterious Mountain Cave on its face. What I find incredibly strange is that Herbert has not updated his webpage for almost 8 months – since December 19th 2013. Could Herbert have found the Mysterious Mountain Cave? Could Herbert be there, waiting to cause tension with the EPF, yet again?

To back-up this theory, in the latest issue of the Club Penguin Magazine, an alert for Herbert was published. Could Herbert really be living in the Mysterious Mountain Cave? Could he be up to something, without our knowings?

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.33.34 AM

Thank you to Riyita from Club Penguin Space for this image

This page of the Club Penguin Magazine reads:

“BEAR WATCH! Herbert P. Bear was last seen carried away by puffles last year, after his plans were once again thwarted by EPF agents. Is Herbert still out there, or has he finally gone into hibernation? Write to us if you have any clues or bear sightings to report!”

At the end of the current/ latest Club Penguin magazine, a sneak peek of next month’s issue is shown – featuring content about the Elite Penguin Force and agent training. Could the ‘Bear Watch’ article in the current/ latest Club Penguin magazine be a heads-up for something new with the EPF or Herbert? Could Herbert be related to this Mysterious Mountain after all?

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.33.54 AM

Thank you to Riyita from Club Penguin Space for this image

I guess we’ll just have to find out… won’t we?

Other theories and suggestions:

I’d also like to mention the fact that this could also be related to Card Jitsu Shadow (or a new coming of an element)… but I somewhat doubt it since Spike Hike confirmed that Card Jitsu Shadow would be coming AFTER the reboot of Card Jitsu, itself. Spike Hike answered this himself on a Club Penguin CP Spike Hike Q&A.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.41.53 AM


Next-up I’d like to introduce the fact that this ‘Mysterious Mountain’ venue could be related to the upcoming Summer Party with a “twist”. For those of you who are not already aware, Polo Field confirmed that this year’s August (2014) party is going to be a summer themed party…. but with a “twist”. I analysed this tweet in a post, and came-up with a conclusion that the “twist” Polo Field mentioned/ acknowledged was the fact that a Frozen themed party will be hitting the island in August. (This was later confirmed, as an Olaf Puffle was featured in Club Penguin’s most recent Music Video on YouTube). Read more about the Frozen Takeover by clicking ‘here‘.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.51.53 AM

The reason why I think that this mysterious venue could be somewhat related to the upcoming Frozen Takeover, is due to the fact that many scenes throughout the Frozen movie are set on mountains, in caves, etc. But nonetheless, I really have no idea what the cave will unveil for the island?

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the fact that back in March 2014 I discovered a mysterious room filled with Fog and unidentified objects. Although this room had a lake inside of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if this room was potentially linked with the mysterious mountain cave.


Although I do doubt this is related to the mysterious mountain cave, I thought that I’d add it to the discussion – in order for you guys to decide on what you think.

Click ‘here‘ OR ‘here‘ to read more about this mysterious ‘fog’ room

Using my best guess, I’d say that this cave could potentially lead to something related with Herbert, the upcoming Frozen Takeover, or something else not mentioned in today’s exclusive discussion.

I’m sure that we’ll find out soon enough… don’t you think? Please leave your thoughts on this discussion and on the rumours of this very mysterious mountain cave, by commenting below this post.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.58.08 AM


Thank you for taking the time to read this article! I appreciate your time. In addition, I’d appreciate your comments, concerns or thoughts!

Other penguins’ theories:

Riyita’s (click ‘here‘)

Yoda Ads’ (click ‘here‘)

Waddle on,


Club Penguin – Music Jam Day #10 Walkthrough

Day ten of the Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 has arrived, therefore meaning that there are now two new free items to pick-up. Do note that non-members are only able to obtain the first item, where as members can obtain both items. (NOTE: These are the FINAL 2 free Music Jam items to collect). Without further ado, in order to obtain these items, simply follow the tutorial below:

Club Penguin – Music Jam Day #10 Walkthrough

  1. Open-up your taskbook by clicking on the icon located at the top of your Club Penguin screen
  2. Click on the two ‘collect’ buttons to obtain the two items (on the July 26th area)

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.47.00 AM

Congratulations! You have successfully managed to collect today’s free (and final) Music Jam 2014 items.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.51.34 AM

What do you think? Have you unlocked both items? Let me know what your thoughts are, by dropping us a comment below this post.

Waddle on,


Club Penguin – New Penguin Creation Process

Earlier today I was hoping to create a brand new penguin, when I discovered that a whole new penguin creation system had been implanted. This new creation process is easier, more efficient and more effective. It’s ultimately the same as the one that had already been used on the Club Penguin iOS application. Without further ado, here’s a quick (very brief) video that shows the new penguin creation process:

What do you think?

Waddle on,


Club Penguin Pins – Cruise Ship Pin

A new pin has made its way to the island of Club Penguin, this time however: the Cruise Ship pin. For your information, pins are released every two weeks and, on this occasion, the pin is Music Jam themed (after all, the current and ongoing party is the Music Jam, which does take place on a Cruise Ship) and can be found by visiting the Club Penguin Cove room.

Cruise Ship Pin - at the Cove

Cruise Ship Pin – at the Cove

What do you think of this pin? I’ve collected it – it looks really nice on my penguin playercard. I suggest you wear this pin with your Cruise Ship themed outfits… don’t you?! Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

Waddle on,



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